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Soul-warming combinations of fresh pita bread, vegetables and spices

Our menu is friendly to vegans, vegetarians, and carnivores alike! Majority of our dishes are naturally gluten-free. We invite you to experience our fusion of modern and traditional recipes made in-house at our Burlington, Vermont location.


Real food to be shared with loved ones 

Everybody knows good food will always bring people together. Let us help you prepare a big table full of delicious and fresh products made from family recipes .


A celebration of Mediterranean cuisine with highlights from Anatolian Ethnic Food.


Turkish Meze Plate

Assortment of our authentic sauces Ezme, Hummus w/ Stuffed Grape leave Dolmas, Turkish Spring Roll, Feta cheese and Olives served w/ our traditional pita bread.

Cigar Borek (Feta Cheese Spring Roll)

Very popular Turkish appetizer w/ feta cheese and herb filled pastry roll.


Traditional Feta and spinach pastry made w/ thin phyllo dough and spinach.

Stuffed Grape Leaves

Grape leaves filled w/ a delicious blend of rice, spices and lemon juice.

Potato Borek

Rose shaped potato stuffed traditional layered pastry sprinkled w/ chia seeds.


pistachio baklava

Our famous lightly sweetened pastry filled w/ pistachios.

pistachio halva

A traditional dessert made with sesame tahini and pistachios.


Doner Kebab w/ Bulgur Pilav

Thinly sliced and perfectly spiced Angus beef doner served w/ cracked bulgur wheat Pilav, yogurt sauce and veggies.

Chicken Kebab skewers

2 Mediterranean Style Chicken on Skewers served with Turkish style Pilav, fries and mixed salad.

Anatolian Lamb Chops

2 pan seared lamb chops marinated w/ blend of Mediterranean spices served w/ a traditional Anatolian rice pilav, french fries and pita bread and a side salad.

Veggie Kebab

Delicious all vegetarian kebab patties covered w/ potatoes and simmered in our traditional sauce.

Turmeric Couscous w/ Mini Falafels
& Veggie Kofte Balls

Couscous cooked w/ Turmeric, green lentils, carrots, eggplants and zucchini topped w/ mini falafel and all vegetarian mini Kofte balls.

Manti Dumplings

Turkish all vegetarian dumplings filled w/ our veggie kebab mix served in garlic yogurt sauce.

Falafel Lavash Wrap

Deliciously seasoned chickpea patties w/ our signature pistachio hummus and tahini sauce, organic greens, tomatoes and cucumbers wrapped in a thin lavash bread.


Love is the only driver of good food.

We source as much of our product as possible from sustainable growers in Vermont. With fresh ingredients and local farm connections our love makes the food we cook so delicious! :) 

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